Chains of Asmodeus

Into the depths

We are entering the tunnel.

Tom can not speak mermish.

We are fighting hat-man-doo. We smacked hat-man-doo into a very deep vacuum powered spike trap. He died with a “spike-splat”. Marlous was sad that he did not get hat-man-doo’s sweet hat. We did however, retrieve his abyssal trident.

While exploring we encountered brown mold and after destroying it found a pile of raw gold. We chose to delay opening a door w/ noisy crunching behind it. We repaired a bilge pump which flooded the lower floor. This released a hydra. We ran for our lives. Tyrael had a clutch move and immobilized the hydra allowing us to escape.

We ran up some stairs and entered a second floor. Which was mad crazy with a stage and actors and shit.



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