Chains of Asmodeus

In New Sortia

Our group returned from our victory over the lich Archbishop Welsch to the town of New Sortia where we were informed that the Assassin Guild was canceling the contracts against Finnius and Mosdief, but not against Marlous. It is currently unknown who is still holding a contract against Marlous.

Upon arriving in town we discovered that the mayor had organized a parade in our honor and we agreed to attend it along with the following feast. The parade was to happen on the day after our arrival.

After the first night Rhys went missing after saying she was going to the Warlock Guild.

On the second day just before the parade we realized Rhys was missing so Finnius went looking for her and managed to get a priest from the temple and a warlock from the guild to follow him to the building he saw Rys enter. The building however had vanished. The priest and warlock both started casting spells to determine if there was any magical residue. While this was happening Finnius started to hear a high-pitched whine, the whine grew in volume until there was an explosion of glass from the area that the casting was occurring. Due to his well honed reflexes Finnius did a barrel roll and dodged the flying shards, the warlock and priest were not so lucky. The warlock’s throat was ripped open and the priest was badly wounded. Finnius succeeded in stabilizing the priest.

Shortly after the explosion priests from the temple showed up and took Finnius, the priest, and the dead warlock back to the temple.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had already gathered back at the temple where the parade was begining, Finnius met up with us and we started down the parade route. Everything went fine up until we reached the feasting square. Just as I was preparing to dismount the whore that the mayor had recruited to accompany Mosdief pulled out a dagger and threw it at Marlous. Marlous did a ninja flip up off the horse and dodged a thrown dagger. The dagger smacked into the horse and the horse started to melt.

During the fight a squad of assassins joined the fray, however they were going after Mosdief who had just spurned a woman (called her butt ugly to her face).

After the fight in which the assassins where thoroughly smacked down the adventurers settled down for their feast. During the course of the meal a member of the matter guild showed up and attempted to set off a glass bomb, however Tyrael stomped the glass pre-maturely detonating it under his foot. The priests re-attached his foot.

At the end of the evening Mosdief used his Time Guild Staff to bamph us to Fallcrest.



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