Chains of Asmodeus

Back to the future!

We are stuck in the past 15 years, King, Billiam, Fineous Darkvie, Marlous, Tyrael,

Screaming in the residential area of the castle, Mosdief was visiting billiam and did not hear it. We found an illithid attacking the king and two bewitched dwarven guards.

After an epic battle we killed the illithid.

We leveled to Paragon tier.

After a visit to the armory where Tom(?) picked up a shield we headed down to the swamp to enter the chapel.

Fineous cast water breathing and failed miserably at first then suddenly had an epic save, at this point we realized Sid was not with us so we went back into the city to find him.

Sid had a new ax, it was determined that it had the ability to leach memories from people it cut. After determining that we could not enter the temple from the roof, we went back to the time mages who were being PITA’s. Sid stumbled into one of the mages in charge and cut him with the ax.

From this we determined that there was a path into the temple, and we found information on three traps blocking the entrance.



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