Chains of Asmodeus

At the walls of the battle mage

After waking up, the party found themselves without most of their gear as it had been stolen by some hobgoblin types. Efforts to track the hobgoblins proved fruitless. However, the party noticed on some captured documents that a new raid was going to take place at the junction for Keeper’s Terrace. The team decided to make their way there.

The party continued their way eastward toward the town of New Haven. New Haven had been established as an outpost during the undead invasion of Fallcrest. It had been maintained as a strategic and commercial city since that time. For some unknown reason, a large wall had been built crossing the entire road, making it impossible to pass.

Upon approaching the city, the team was met with a flaming bale of hay launched from a catapult. After fleeing into the woods, the party attempted to find a way around the city to attempt to ambush the next hobgoblin attack. In the woods, the party met up with the Druids of Sortia Forest. The druids had been planning an invasion to take back the city. After determining that making the ambush was impossible to make, the brave crew decided to aid the Druids with the invasion of New Sortia.

They achieved victory, but it took such a heavy toll on the gathered forces that they had to abandon the city in the face of a massive counter-assault. The druids fled back into the woods, the party retreated to Fallcrest and left New Sortia to its fate.



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