Chains of Asmodeus

Into the depths

We are entering the tunnel.

Tom can not speak mermish.

We are fighting hat-man-doo. We smacked hat-man-doo into a very deep vacuum powered spike trap. He died with a “spike-splat”. Marlous was sad that he did not get hat-man-doo’s sweet hat. We did however, retrieve his abyssal trident.

While exploring we encountered brown mold and after destroying it found a pile of raw gold. We chose to delay opening a door w/ noisy crunching behind it. We repaired a bilge pump which flooded the lower floor. This released a hydra. We ran for our lives. Tyrael had a clutch move and immobilized the hydra allowing us to escape.

We ran up some stairs and entered a second floor. Which was mad crazy with a stage and actors and shit.

Back to the future!

We are stuck in the past 15 years, King, Billiam, Fineous Darkvie, Marlous, Tyrael,

Screaming in the residential area of the castle, Mosdief was visiting billiam and did not hear it. We found an illithid attacking the king and two bewitched dwarven guards.

After an epic battle we killed the illithid.

We leveled to Paragon tier.

After a visit to the armory where Tom(?) picked up a shield we headed down to the swamp to enter the chapel.

Fineous cast water breathing and failed miserably at first then suddenly had an epic save, at this point we realized Sid was not with us so we went back into the city to find him.

Sid had a new ax, it was determined that it had the ability to leach memories from people it cut. After determining that we could not enter the temple from the roof, we went back to the time mages who were being PITA’s. Sid stumbled into one of the mages in charge and cut him with the ax.

From this we determined that there was a path into the temple, and we found information on three traps blocking the entrance.

Stuff Happened
Stuff Happened


At the walls of the battle mage

After waking up, the party found themselves without most of their gear as it had been stolen by some hobgoblin types. Efforts to track the hobgoblins proved fruitless. However, the party noticed on some captured documents that a new raid was going to take place at the junction for Keeper’s Terrace. The team decided to make their way there.

The party continued their way eastward toward the town of New Haven. New Haven had been established as an outpost during the undead invasion of Fallcrest. It had been maintained as a strategic and commercial city since that time. For some unknown reason, a large wall had been built crossing the entire road, making it impossible to pass.

Upon approaching the city, the team was met with a flaming bale of hay launched from a catapult. After fleeing into the woods, the party attempted to find a way around the city to attempt to ambush the next hobgoblin attack. In the woods, the party met up with the Druids of Sortia Forest. The druids had been planning an invasion to take back the city. After determining that making the ambush was impossible to make, the brave crew decided to aid the Druids with the invasion of New Sortia.

They achieved victory, but it took such a heavy toll on the gathered forces that they had to abandon the city in the face of a massive counter-assault. The druids fled back into the woods, the party retreated to Fallcrest and left New Sortia to its fate.

July 26, 2009

Mosdief transfered to the Matter Guild and Fineous transfered to the Time Guild.

Through conversations with trespassing Matter Guild members we discovered they know the location of the Archbishop Baba O’Reiley, however they wanted 500g for the information. It was decided that we should try the church first. If the church falls through, we can always fall back to the Matter Guild.

We talked to Bishop Saspirilla Barqs who was a clueless old man. Tyrael and Sigmar went to return to the local Herring inn and saw the Three Matter Guild, The Matter douches sold the information to Tyrael and Sigmar. Tyrael opened the bag and was knocked on his back. Sigmar accosted the Matter Guildies, they attacked him by detonating a couple links of his chain mail cracking his ribs.

Tyrael defused the situation and then rushed the bag to the church with black tendrils stringing out of the top of the bag. Upon arriving at the church the tendrils killed the two door guards before the bishop could contain it.

The priests healed Sigmar and the bishop revealed that the bag contained one of Archbishop Baba O’Reiley’s fingers and that they could use his finger to locate Baba, but it would take close to a week.

At about this point Mosdief received a message from Billiam via his magical business card. So Mosdief went to talk to Billiam where he learned that one of Billiam’s Caravans had been raided north of Keeper’s Terrace and Billiam wanted us to go retrieve a gold box that was part of the cargo. As payment for our groups services he would give us 2000 gold, and each member of the group could select one item from the retrieved cargo to keep.

After Mosdief informed the rest of the group of Billiam’s problem we readily agreed to assist. We were currently located in Fallcrest which is about a 6 day walk from Keeper’s Terrace. Our wizard, Fineous, had just purchased the ritual Phantom Steed so he spent the next 8 hours studying the ritual while the rest of us prepared.

Mosdief wandered the town, Marlous slept, Tyrael and Sigmar went to the church to pray.

At about 2:00 pm Fineous had finished learning the ritual, summoned the steeds, and we departed Fallcrest riding hard to the north along the road.

After 10 hours of hard riding Tyrael and Fineous had reached their limit and they literally fell off their horses. Sigmar hauled them off to the side of the road while Mosdief watched Marlous set up the camp. The group settled in for the night while Mosdief used his Eladrin powers to watch the night.

Shortly after everyone drifted off Mosdief noticed rustling out in the grass, he quickly woke Sigmar,Marlous, and Rhys. While Mosdief, Sigmr, and Rhys walked out to examine the rustling Marlous started kicking Tyrael to wake him up. Mosdief, Sigmar, and Rhys Havlock ran into a group of 6 hobgoblins and a fight started. Marlous finally managed to wake up Tyrael and Fineous who promptly joined in the fight.

After an extended engagement our group managed to whittle the enemy hobgoblins down to only their commander and one soldier. At this point the commander yelled out, “Alright boys, we got what we came for lets go!” and ran off into the darkness. At this point our group realized that while we had been engaged with the attacking hobgoblins, other hobgoblins had snuck up behind us and stolen our saddlebags and backpacks. Luckily Fineous had been carrying our gold and ritual equipment inside of his bag of holding.

Upon searching the dead hobgoblin’s bodies we found a map detailing local caravan routes with locations and dates marked on it. One of the markers on the map matched up with the location and date that Billiam’s Caravan had been raided.

Tyrael and Fineous had taken quite a beating in the fight, this along with their previous exhaustion made it impossible for us to continue further up the road this night.

It was decided that we would finish out the night in our current campsite and then attempt to track down the hobgoblins in the morning.

In New Sortia

Our group returned from our victory over the lich Archbishop Welsch to the town of New Sortia where we were informed that the Assassin Guild was canceling the contracts against Finnius and Mosdief, but not against Marlous. It is currently unknown who is still holding a contract against Marlous.

Upon arriving in town we discovered that the mayor had organized a parade in our honor and we agreed to attend it along with the following feast. The parade was to happen on the day after our arrival.

After the first night Rhys went missing after saying she was going to the Warlock Guild.

On the second day just before the parade we realized Rhys was missing so Finnius went looking for her and managed to get a priest from the temple and a warlock from the guild to follow him to the building he saw Rys enter. The building however had vanished. The priest and warlock both started casting spells to determine if there was any magical residue. While this was happening Finnius started to hear a high-pitched whine, the whine grew in volume until there was an explosion of glass from the area that the casting was occurring. Due to his well honed reflexes Finnius did a barrel roll and dodged the flying shards, the warlock and priest were not so lucky. The warlock’s throat was ripped open and the priest was badly wounded. Finnius succeeded in stabilizing the priest.

Shortly after the explosion priests from the temple showed up and took Finnius, the priest, and the dead warlock back to the temple.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had already gathered back at the temple where the parade was begining, Finnius met up with us and we started down the parade route. Everything went fine up until we reached the feasting square. Just as I was preparing to dismount the whore that the mayor had recruited to accompany Mosdief pulled out a dagger and threw it at Marlous. Marlous did a ninja flip up off the horse and dodged a thrown dagger. The dagger smacked into the horse and the horse started to melt.

During the fight a squad of assassins joined the fray, however they were going after Mosdief who had just spurned a woman (called her butt ugly to her face).

After the fight in which the assassins where thoroughly smacked down the adventurers settled down for their feast. During the course of the meal a member of the matter guild showed up and attempted to set off a glass bomb, however Tyrael stomped the glass pre-maturely detonating it under his foot. The priests re-attached his foot.

At the end of the evening Mosdief used his Time Guild Staff to bamph us to Fallcrest.

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